Utamaru Kujou is the fourth king Candidate for the throne of polaris and unlike Ichimatsu, Koume, and Takezou he was born and raised on polaris. He is often called playboy or player by ichimatsu.


Introduction ArcEdit

He appears after the constellation of sagittarius disappears. He transfers to the same school and class as ichimatsu and co. He quickly becomes popular with the women in class. Later after ichimatsu, takezou and koume recieve the power and protection of the stars he and juuzou head after them. He then reveals Yumi is in his possesion which greatly angers ichimatsu. He then battles Ichimatsu, though he had the upper hand at first with his ranged attacks, he was defeated.

Afterwards he reveals he is the fourth king candidate for the throne of polaris. And his objective was to kill the other prince candidates and protect the 12 zodiac maidens. For one of them would be his future bride. He then reveal the threat of Big Bang Zero. (BB0) A evil organzation bent to destroying polaris. Their targets on earth: The twelve zodiac maidens, And the three king candidates.

Weapons, Powers/AbilitiesEdit

Utamaru has power and protection from the stars.

Glass and Wine Bottle:Edit

Utamaru's power and protection of the stars is used through a glass cup and wine bottle. When the glass is filled with liquid from the bottle the glass acts as a scope and locks on to the target. The target is then hit with spouts of water or ice from the ground.


Aqua Hammer: Utamaru takes a ball of water from his water spouts and slightly hardens them and throws them at an incredible speed.

Aqua Hammer Max: He creates a large ball of water and turns it into ice, and throws it with incredible speed and great force.