Ren Katayama


Ren is a very shy girl who is also sometimes very dense.


Ren Katayama is the Libra Zodiac Maiden. Who has the symbol of the libra on her right hand.

She First Appeared after Ichimatsu had a duel with yumi. She asked ichimatsu if she could have his dog costume which she thought was cute. She likes dogs very much and thought koume would be very cute in the same dog costume she was given.

Ren is a only child and has a dog named Onii-chan which is also what she calls koume.

Introduction ArcEdit

She first appeared asking ichimatsu for a dog costume he had. She thought it would look cute on koume and asked if he would wear it.

Later along with yumi and mao she took part in the miss first year beauty contest. She told she like guys who look good in dog costumes. And since koume was wearing the costume he was attacked by a number of guys. She then left the contest to go after and tend to koume. The Following day Ren went on a date with Koume.

Zodiac Maiden ArcEdit

Ren was depressed because she couldn't talk to anyone in her class everytime she has tried she gets nervous and her thought process stops and she nervously flees. Even though it has already been three months since he entered high school she has no friends due to her lack in communication skills with the exception of koume.

She feels all the people she could be friends with are class B.. (Takezou, Ichimatsu, Koume, Mao and Yumi.) While she is next door in class A. She feels lonely and feels that she doesn't have any courage.

While walking home she notices there is no pedestrians despite it only being 8. She then encounter Valcan and runs. She feels very scared and realized and remembered that the news on tv said there was a murderer on a killing spree who killed only girls and was noted to still be in the area. She keeps running wanting help realizing that he is the killer. She then runs into Yumi and Mao.

After meeting Yumi and Mao and talking to them she calms down and realize that being around them makes her feels happy and she thinks she may be able to make friends after all. She then tells them about the killer that is chasing her. They all run and find the police station to find no one there. After he catches them they run again. When yumi tries to be the decoy she becomes very worried about her. And mao tells her to believe in her.