Nemesis is one of the Four Members Of Shadow Matter Of Big Bang Zero. Making him one of the four commanders.

Background Edit

He appears to be a very calm and polite person. Who shows no hint of blood lust or emotions at all. Mr. Dandy questioned exactly what he was because he couldn't since anything at all from Nemesis as if he didn't exist.

Zodiac Maiden ArcEdit

Nemesis appeared right after ichimatsu blew arachne's arm off with chiron along with dodo. He appeared very calm and talked very politely. Together with the rest of Shadow Matter he told Ichimatsu and Takezou about Big Bang 0's goals.

He later appeared to while Pandora was battling Ichimatsu's group. He was the only one who wasn't already there. He told Pandora and the rest of Shadow Matter to stop and return to Kochab. He told them that Polaris had launched a attack and that their goal was the princess of Kochab. With this news told, he returned to Kochab with the rest of Shadow Matter.

Dodo & The 12 Penances ArcEdit

He arrived with Pandora and Arachne just in time to stop The Princess from going Berserk. Together they then commenced to seal away her power for thirty days. When Arachne asked were was Dodo he replied that he was acting on his own again.