Mao Kujuo


Mao is the aquarius maiden of the twelve zodiac maidens. She has a part time job tutoring and she shares a exchange diary with yumi. Mao is also the class rep. She is secretly in love with Takezou.

In middle school she was a plain girl. And wasn't very popular or considered beautiful until High School.

Introduction ArcEdit

She first appears in the park watching takezou, ichimatsu, and koume from the shadows. She is then shown lecturing takezou for playing games in class. He taunts her by calling her sensei for acting like one.

She goes to a gaming arcade where is is pestered by people until Takezou shows up. Who people there called $Lucky. He shows everyone there up and gets the guys to stop pestering her. He doesn't realize who she is due to her change in hair style. She was wearing pony tails when she usually wears her hair straight down. She competes in the miss first year beauty contest with yumi and ren. She and yumi start a exchange diary where they write down many things as a way to talk to each other along with the usual methods. (Email, text messaging, calling, and talking face to face.)

Zodiac Maiden ArcEdit

Mao meets her old sempai from middle school who she had a crush on Kamiichi. Who is secretly a playboy who likes to toy with women. She lied to yumi when she asked was there anyone she liked when she secretly likes Takezou. And despite Yumi's warning to stay away from him because he was no good mao talked to Kamiichi and they exchanged emails. Later that night she hurried to the park because she was worried about Kamiichi after what was said in the email. She fell asleep after a crazed Kamiichi attacked her. All the time unaware that she was held captive by a monster and a battle was taking place. She awakened after it was all over. And told kamiichi who realized his way of doing things was wrong, he still had time to change.

Days later at night with yumi she ran into ren. They noticed no one was around and after ren told them of the man who was stalking her and trying to kill her. She remember that there was a killer who was on a girl killing spree that was still in the area and figured it must be him. Together tey ran to the police station but no one was there.They ran again and finally reaching her limits asked if they could take a break. Yumi decided to be the decoy so they could escape and rest. While ren worried about yumi, mao told ren to believe in her.