A local playboy who Mao had a crush on in middle school.


He is a playboy and has been ever since middle school. He never showed any interest in mao. He was always surrounded by and followed by girl. He didn't show any interest in mao until high school when she became much more beautiful.

He sees girls as play things. Using them to pass the time and even gain money. He thinks any girl can be brought in some sort of way. And he thinks he can get any girl with his good looks and displaying the right kind of personality.

He was captured and used by Arachne in order to get to mao. After he was saved and awoken in the aftermath of it all. He decided not to treat women as he had done in the past.

Zodiac Maiden ArcEdit

He appeared suddenly while mao was walking to school. He commented on how beautiful she had become. And asked if he could have her e-mail address and cell phone number. He is seen flirting with women and deciding to dump one because she was getting annoying. He went to the game arcade and asked Takezou to team up with him in getting girls. Ichimatsu and koume came along and he was denied.

Later he was kidnapped by Arachne and has a parasite infused into his body. As the bug slowly took over him he felt as if he was going to die. Until the parasite completely took over and awakened within his body. He was saved by ichimatsu.

After the battle was over and he awakened. He realized his way of doing things and dealing with women were wrong. He started to change. He realized he felt like he was going to die and yet no girl came to help him he knew it was because how he has treated women. He decided to change how he treated women from that moment on.