Juuzou (Jyuuzou) is one of Utamaru's bodyguards and is a flame user who wears the words "Rose Warriors" on his jacket.


He is one of Utamaru's bodyguards.

Introduction ArcEdit

He appears after the sagittarius constellation disappears. He attacks Katchan and asked if he knew anyone with a star mark on their body. He then encounters ichimatsu and defeats him using a flame attack but did not know that ichimatsu was one of those who he was looking for. After Ichimatsu recieves his power and protection from the stars he is quickly defeated.

Zodiac Maiden ArcEdit

Utamaru disappears saying he wants to be alone for a while and he transfers to the same school as Ichimatsu's group.

When shadow matter shows up, he and nero help Ichimatsu, Takezou and Koume. Despite saying that they are there because of their loyalty to Utamaru and shall protect any possible brides for him. Even though he slightly freaks out because of who they are facing He and Nero battle against Shadow Matter with Ichimatsu, Takezou, and Koume.

In the aftermath of the event he asked Nero was it okay to leave Ichimatsu alone who had been told by pandora that Taimat would come to eat him within a half of a years time. Yet nero simply said it would be once less rival for Utamaru and that He was getting soft.

Weapons Powers/ AbilitiesEdit

Juuzou is a flame user. He has power and protection from the stars.

He is capable of combine his attacks with others.

And he can manipulate the fire he uses in any way he sees fit instead of just releasing it.

Flask Edit

Juzzou's power of the stars is infused with his flask which he keeps liquids in like liquor or soda.


Sometimes instead of using his normal flask, he uses a large bottle that is infused with the power of the stars to use his more powerful flame attacks.


His lighter which is infused with the power of the stars that looks like a pistol. He uses it together with the flask or bottle to create fast and powerful fire attacks.

Special Moves/TechniquesEdit

Fire: He simply uses the flask or bottle and lighter and shoots out a large degree of fire.

Fire Ball: By drinking from his flask or bottle and using the Lighter He shoots out and creates a large fireball.

Fin Flames: He drinks from the bottle and then creates many set small demonic fire ball like beast and shoots them from his mouth.

Fiight Fire with Fire (FFWF): Jyuuzou's most powerful Attack. He releases a large highly concentrated and explosive fire blast attack.