Hopi is the assistant and partner to Valcan.


Hopi is very loyal to Valcan.So loyal he is very confident in Valcan's power quickly thinking ichimatsu could never beat Valcan and when he did like Valcan refused to except the fact saying he only got a lucky shot. And tried to convice shadow matter this saying that even they didn't know Valcan's true power. He also begged for Pandora to save Valcan because he would die due to his injuries he got from battling Ichimatsu.

And displays a sarcastic and sadistic personality like Valcan. Though he plays no major role. He aided Valcan in creating the Dimension that trapped the zodiac maidens.

He died after Pandora used him as bait to summon Taimat and was eaten by him.

Weapons Powers/Abilities Edit

He has the power of Telekinesis and power over time and space.

Crucifixion In SpaceEdit

Combining his powers over Telekinesis and space he floats his target in the air and locks them in place by locking and trapping their arms and legs in a unique unseen void in space.