Hideyoshi watched other people get beat up and killed while working as a errand boy. But, because he was weak he was powerless to stop it.

He decided after watching ichimatsu and utamaru fight that he would never allow someone who was powerless to fight to be beaten up.

Thinking ichimatsu was going to get badly beaten or worse killed he tried to step in and stop Utamaru's attack. But ichimatsu stopped it and called him by his name. Saying he only called cool people by their name. From that moment on he began to admire ichimatsu and look up to him like a older brother and decided he would follow him.

Introduction ArcEdit

Hideyoshi first appears when Utamaru transfers to school. Right after the stars that make up the Sagittarius constellation disappeared. Transfering with him. He quickly shows off a bad attitude asking who is the strongest in class. Quickly taking to ichimatsu for looking like the strongest he punches him after seeing ichimatsu drawing him as a monkey. Only to be kicked in the face by ichimatsu.

He stole Yumi's camera when she was out trying to take pictures of the stars in order to help nero trap her. While watching ichimatsu's and utamaru's fight. He came to realize they weren't normal and thought they were evil. Revealing he had only joined utamaru's group a few days before they were originally introduced. He then tried to stop and help ichimatsu. He then became fond of ichimatsu and began to look up to him as a little brother. Since ichimatsu display great strength and called him by his name and even said he only called cool people by their name. He then started to look up to ichimatsu as a older brother.

Zodiac Maiden ArcEdit

He was training by running at night. When he came across the battle to save the aquarius maiden. He thought "This couldn't be real. This is a dream." Yet he watched the entire battle. He then came to realize that it wasn't a dream and everything was real. He then thought Ichimatsu was absurd and if he followed behind him surely he would become strong.