Dodo is one of the four commanders and is apart of the group Shadow Matter of Big Bang 0.


Zodiac Maiden ArcEdit

He first appeared with Nemesis and Pandora. He quickly jumped in Ichimatsu's face and said "Boo." Together with the rest of Shadow Matter he explained the Goal Of Big Bang 0.

Later he came with Pandora and Arachne to earth again. They showed themselves after watching Ichimatsu defeat Valcan. He along with Arachne and Pandora gave Ichimatsu their signs. He also breifly argued with Arachne and was about to fight her until Pandora stopped them. He watched Pandora easily fight against Ichimatsu, Takezou, Koume, Nero, and Jyuuzou. They returned to Kochab after Nemesis came and revealed that Polaris was launching a attack on Kochab and was trying to capture the Princess of Kochab.

Dodo & The 12 Penances ArcEdit

While The rest of Shadow Matter went back to Kochab to deal with the Princess. Dodo went to the Prison Planet Pikurizun, a small star that houses InterGalaxtic Prisoners. Easily dealing with the guards he released 12 prisioners, The 12 Penances. Together with them he headed to earth to deal with Ichimatsu's group. Despite Pandora's interest in Ichimatsu and knowing that shadow matter would be busy sealing the Princess' power for thirty days.