Carmina is from Polaris and watches over Ichimatsu, Takezou, and Koume.


Carmina is from polaris. She first appeared when she saved Ichimatsu from falling from the rooftop at the beginning of the series. She often seen on the phone talking to the royal minster of polaris.

She is also the one who gave them their power of the stars.


Carmina displays a playful personality. Always joking and never being or saying anything serious until and when necessary.

Introduction ArcEdit

She introduced herself after saving Ichimatsu from falling off of the roof of the school building. She tells Ichimatsu, Takezou and Koume the truth about them being from Polaris and one of them being a prince. She goes on to tell them no girl will like them due to the spell placed on them to keep girls away from them. The only exception to this are the 12 Zodiac Maidens who are Immune to the spell. She tells them these are the only girls who may fall in love with them and that they should search for them.

She watches over the three from this point on.. She quickly finds the maidens of Aquarius and Libra and watches as they make contact with Takezou and Koume. She secretly moves into a room at school to further watch over the boys. She puts together the Miss First Year Beauty Pageant and acts as announcer for it.

She talks and reports to the royal minster or polaris often. Once she gets news from the royal minster that Big Bang 0 has found out about the Three Prince Candidates and shall send Assassins to kill them. She preforms the Ritual Of The Stars and gives the three the power and protection from the stars to fight them.

Zodiac Maiden ArcEdit

She alerts the boys that Two Zodiac Maidens have been killed. And that the Killer who they all know is a Assassin sent to kill them and the Zodiac Maidens is one a killing Spree killing innocent normal girls along the way.

She also goes with the boys when they go off to train for thirty days. So she could alert them if anything happened with the zodiac maidens even though she left Nero and Jyuuzou in charge of watching over them because they are strong and reliable.She decided to cook their meals and watch and over see Ichimatsu's and Koume's training. Though she is still cautious of Momoko because she is a earthling who knows everything and yet no one knows anything about her.



She is capable of flight. She is mostly see floating in the air watching over people and things.

Power Of the StarsEdit

She is capable of using the power of the stars to perform the ritual and give the power of the stars to other people.


She seems to be capable of healing wounds.